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The ICOS CC will integrate the ICOS Carbon Portal and eLTER’s tools and data management system DEIMS with the EOSC-hub infrastructure. The CC will prototype a platform to enable RI data portal users to:

  • Deploy RI data from long-term e-Infrastructure storage with the use of PIDs
  • Stage and couple ICOS RI and eLTER Data with HTC/Cloud computing resources
  • Use container compute service to process ICOS RI and eLTER datasets
  • Orchestrate containers in the EOSC-hub infrastructure based on data location and distribution

Primary contact (Lund University)

Alex Vermeulen, Margareta Hellström


ParticipantName and Surname
LUNDAlex Vermeulen
LUNDMargareta Hellström
LUNDHarry Lankreijer
EAAJohannes Peterseil
EAAChristoph Wohner
SNICMikaela Barth
EGIGergely Sipos
EGIEric Yen
LUNDOleg Mirzov



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