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Entry in the community requirement database: ECRIN-ERIC


Work planned for Q1

  • Investigate a new mechanism of ECRIN metadata ‘injection’ and upgrading on OneData environment.
  • Revision of web-portal.
  • Investigate metadata schema and requirements for future harvesting by B2FIND

Work planned for Q2

  • Continue the revision of current web-portal, developed within XDC project in collaboration with OneData (web-portal GUI + OneData Environment) and INFN (ElasticSearch + hardware support).
  • Testing and upgrading the web-portal with respect to updated ECRIN requirements. 
  • Continued investigation on harvesting by B2FIND

Work planned for Q3

  • Testing the work produced in Q1 and Q2
  • Start to develop ElasticSearch-based APIs in collaboration with INFN
  • Enable harvesting of a single MDR instance by B2FIND test instance

Work planned for Q4

  • Finalizing the development and integration testing by users.
  • Support for potential users, including collecting metrics as well as feedback, and feeding back requests for change.
  • Enable harvesting of one or more MDR instance by B2FIND production instance

EOSC services and providers


  • INFN cloud platform Cloud@ReCaS-Bari

  • INFN ElasticSearch
  • OneData environment
  • B2FIND metadata catalogue