The EOSC-hub project has ended. This space is READ ONLY

Branding Elements

Generic slide decks

Collateral Materials

EOSC-hub General Flyer

EOSC-hub Thematic Services Flyer

EOSC-hub Competence Centres Flyer

EOSC-hub Roll-Up

DARIAH Thematic Service leaflet

Early Adopter Programme Booklet


Key Exploitable Results

EOSC Digital Innovation Hub Branding and Material (Industry)

Social Media

EOSC-hub Social Media Banners and Cover Images

EOSC-hub Social Media Icons


EOSC-hub PowerPoint Templates

EOSC-hub PowerPoint template - Services documentation

EOSC-hub OpenDocument Presentation Templates

EOSC-hub Google Slides Templates

EOSC-hub Word Template

EOSC-hub Letter Template

EOSC-hub Deliverable Template

EOSC-hub Poster Mock-up Template


EOSC-hub Zoom backgrounds

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