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The CC will demonstrate the analysis of life-science data on EOSC compatible cloud resources by drawing on leading sites of the ELIXIR Compute Platform. The CC will:

  • Make the partners’ cloud resources compatible with the EOSC framework. Develop a costing model to inform future virtual access models.
  • Design and demonstrate a container data packaging and distribution framework from a primary data provider to a hosting cloud site for data analysis runs.
  • Integrate and operate the Reference Data Set Distribution Service to enable the distribution of ELIXIR Core Data resources to cloud sites.
  • Operate the life science AAI within the EOSC AAI.
  • Engage with T2.5 on Code of Conduct around how EOSC could host and analyse human data.

Primary contact (EMBL-EBI)

Steven Newhouse, Susheel Varma


ParticipantName and Surname
EMBL-EBISteven Newhouse; Susheel Varma
CSCTommi Nyronen
CESNETLudek Matyska


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