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This CC responds to the e-Infrastructure needs of the Fusion community, particularly ITER, by:

  • Making data currently held at tokamak data centres easily accessible for researchers to perform scalable analysis on clouds and the Marconi HPC system.
  • Enabling production workflows based on the ITER framework to run in a cloud environment.
  • Enable fusion sites to burst from local to generic systems based on user needs.


The user stories, use cases and test cases of this CC are available on this page: 8.2 Fusion (CC) (available for project members only)


The SLA for the Fusion CC is tracked and updated according to the EGI procedures.
Details about the agreement are here. For more info, please contact: Giuseppe La Rocca

Primary contact (CCFE)

de Witt, Shaun


ParticipantName and Surname
UKAEAShaun de Witt
UKAEAAndrew Lahiff
STFCIan Collier
CEAHerve Ancher
CEAJonathan Bartolo
CEALudovic Fleury
PSNCMichał Owsiak
PSNCTomasz Zok
FZJBjörne Hagemier

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