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The CC will deploy and integrate necessary tools, services and infrastructures for the challenges of data management and processing for the EISCAT_3D ramp-up by 2019. DIRAC interware will be used as an integration component with a single access point towards e-Infrastructures. Together with DIRAC, the EUDAT's B2 services will help to unify the data management and discovery system across different storages, including storage access management. EGI and INDIGO services will help deploying the software stack on HPC/HTC systems including release management. The project will also provide secondary services for production operation (e.g. user authentication and access control).

Primary contact (EISCAT)

Ingemar Häggström , Carl-Fredrik Enell


ParticipantName and Surname
CSCJani Heikkinen, Ari Lukkarinen
EISCAT Scientific Association (EISCAT)Ingemar Häggström, Carl-Fredrik Enell
IN2P3Andrei Tsaregorodtsev, Andrii Lytovchenko

Tasks and actions

TaskStatusDocumentation page
Dirac Checkin implementationReady
CSC cloud accessReady
Docker container rtgPrepared


Docker container plwinPrepared




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