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The following criteria are those currently used by EOSC-hub to understand which services should be onboarded. These criteria are still under development, by our team in the EOSC-hub project and EOSC Portal collaboration, but also at a larger scale by the EOSC Executive Board appointed by the European Commission. The EOSC Executive Board may define broader criteria in future, but these are the current criteria we are using. 

  1. It must be an actual service
    1. It must be a service according to the IT Service Management definition [1]. It should be an ongoing activity offered ‘live’ to customers. This may be an IT service, or a human service (e.g. training, consultancy). 
    2. It may not be a research product, for instance, a document, a dataset or a piece of software. 
  2. The Service must be coherent. It must be available and offer value on its own. It may not be only a feature of a larger service.
  3. Service must meet at least one of:
    1. The service must be targetted to the research community
    2. The service must be provided by the research community
    3. The service comes from an EOSC related H2020 funded project
    4. The service is part of a procurement framework targeting researchers.
  4. The service must be both available in Europe and available in a European language. See
  5. The required fields in the Service Description Template must be filled, including required linked information.
    1. URLs must be Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) 
  6. The provider must agree to periodically update their data to keep it current (to be covered in Provider agreement, TBC) 
  7. Key information must be in English
    1. The SDT must be in English
    2. The basic information in the User Interface for the service must be available in English
    3. Privacy statements, terms of use and SLA/SLS must be available in English. Other documentation may be in native language only. 
    4. The Helpdesk must be able to answer queries in English at a minimum. 

[1] Definition according to FitSM-0 - Service: Way to provide value to customers through bringing about results that they want to achieve Note: In the context of the FitSM standard series, when referring to services, usually IT services are meant. From

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  1. We should mention maturity/TRL here. Evaluation of maturity is part of the acceptance criteria.